Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday...uh Thursday...My Birthday Outfit!

I had this Wardrobe Wednesday Post for my birthday party on Sunday, and suddenly it got deleted.  I don't even know how. BUT, it doesn't matter because that outfit was not realistic for my backyard Spring birthday party.  This one is not only realistic it is REAL because I bought it at Target with some of my birthday money (YEA!)  I also want to wish Becky a happy birthday!  We have the same birthdays, March 30th!

All From Target....because I like a stylish one stop shop!  It came to $113.00, but most was on sale and I really have been wanting a pair of those converse slides.  They will come in handy in the Fall during football season (if I haven't worn them out by then)!
Product ImageProduct Image Merona® Women's Classic Cardigan Sweater - Daisy 
Product Image

Product Image Women's Converse® One Star® Oxford Slip-On - Tan

Mrs. Justice

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