Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top 10 things I like to do on my day off...

  1. Time to drink my coffee out of a real mug - not a travel mug.
  2. Eating chocolate with reckless abandon...no husband to give me the evil eye.
  3. Going to the gym, and beating the crowds.
  4. Going shopping in my gym clothes (I look like one of those fancy stay at home moms).
  5. Getting to drink a margarita mid day.
  6. Getting to clean the house after drinking a margarita. Makes it less painful.
  7. Getting to spend an hour in the garden just looking at stuff and pruning stuff. I even get to spray my rose bushes with fungicide. 
  8. Getting to iron my shirts for work, so, that I look like a professional.
  9. Catching up on movies.  Just saw "Whip It" with Landon Pigg...see my Landon Pigg pic to the right...he is coming April 10th!
  10. Catching up on the blog world from the comfort of my kitchen table. :)
I hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous weather today!
Mrs. Justice


  1. I like the mid-day marg! Staying home is so fun!!

  2. How late into the night will you be celebrating your birthday. I have rehearsals at DTC or you know I would be the first one there. If y'all are still kickin' it I would to stop by after rehearsals!!

    Let me know.

    Happy Birthday, Lady!!