Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesdays - The First Ladies Luncheon, Easter, and Oh the formalities!

My friend Meredith asked me to help her come up with a few ideas for the First Ladies Luncheon she is attending (with all of those politicians and lawyers) in April.   In Texas, April is gorgeous.  Usually, we still have some cold mornings, and I can remember a few youth sunrise services for Easter where we were wearing coats...and maybe bunny slippers. Hey, it was Easter and it was EARLY.

So, I decided to raise the dollar amount of today's Wardrobe Wednesday to $130 (usually the limit is $100) because I figure this outfit could be reworked (or not) to also serve as your Easter outfit!  I hope that is ok with our host, Channa, who started Wardrobe Wednesday over at Life as a Coaches Wife

We could even go as far as to suggest that this could also be worn to the Kentucky Derby on May 1st with the addition of a hat!  Now that I work in the city with all of the big entertainment venues (Grand Prairie), we have Lonestar Park, where each horse racing season has about 60 racing days. I per usual.

#1 White House Black Market
(Mrs. Justice's favorite store...hint hint, Mr. Justice...birthday coming up)

Embellished Sweater Jacket for $49.99
Ruffle Ponte Skirt for $29.99
Pearl Dust Heal

Add a white button down or a shell under the jacket and some pearl jewelry that you probably already have (if not see below).
Total for Outfit #1 - $129.97*
*get on their mailing list and you can save $25 for every $100 you spend!  That would take this outfit back down into regular price territory! Also, until April 4, you can use discount code 9032 to get 20% off your entire Full-Price purchase!  Most of this stuff is on sale, but still a deal is a deal!

#2 From JCPenny
(my second favorite store...Mr. Justice)

A pearl cluster necklace for $29.99
You probably already have a pearl jewelry assortment.
So, you could save and use something you already have. 

Leather Dress Shoe - $34.99

And the crown jewel of this outfit, the First Lady inspired dress from JonesWear $59.99.

Add a white cardigan and you are good to go for only...
Total for Outfit #2 - $124.97.

and what about that derby hat...just for fun...
by Mary Ann Koch of Couture Creations
This is called the Delaney, and it will run you about $315. Most nice hats are a little bit expensive, but Mary Ann is a true Milliner.

How fun and girly!

Let's hope we can do a hat give-away in April!

Happy Shopping!
Mrs. Justice


  1. I love that dress from JC Penny! I might have to buy it. Thanks for doing this! :)

  2. I am doing this post next week. I decided to move it back to next week since today was St Pattys, ha! Our outfits are totally different though.