Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesdays...and Celebrate Texas this weekend!

So, I know I am a day early, but you never know what tomorrow will bring...

This weekend is the big Celebrate Texas show at the Uptown Theater.  We are bringing in some pretty big indie/country music artists: Jon Dee Graham, Darrell Scott, and Guy Forsyth.  I have been waiting for the concert because I will be debuting my new boots that I was able to purchase at Dillard's for 70% off.  They happen to be Coach's Selena design, but the fact that they are Coach was just a bonus because they surprisingly fit my big calf just fine.  The ones shown are tan, but mine are dark brown.

I am thinking about pairing these boots with a fun and flirty dress that won't break the bank.
Here is my favorite example from Old Navy.

Of course you need some colorful Turqouise and Gold necklaces...

and this



  1. Hey! yes, they are!!

    I will provide a link next week to my Wardrobe Wednesday, that way you can link your blog to my post.
    Wardrobe Wednesday is something I came up with when I first started blogging, and I have only provided a link one time because every likes the post but no one want to particpate. But next week I will!!!

  2. Ooh... I love those boots. And the dress. Will you be my stylist? I need some style. Stat.