Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wang and Wedgwood - A Match Made in China...

Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Life China Pattern....Since we just got married in September, all of my china is still sitting in my "China Cabinet" otherwise known as the closet upstairs.  However, my family has been so supportive of buying us table settings that we actually have 9.  I think they are hoping we will host Christmas Dinner this year - nice try family.  We have such a big family, there is no way we will ever have enough for everyone!  But that is why they created paper.  

The China Cabinet

Registering for your wedding is usually a little unpredictable with your husband to be.  It seems like you find out a few things that you never knew among the stacks of towel and sheets in Macy's about his style and tastes.  We registered at a Macy's Sip and Scan Party

If you are about to register for your wedding, check your local Macy's for this fun evening where the store is only open to you and your husband (and a few other couples).  They give you food and drinks, and actually set out your choices so you can see what they will look like.  After a few drinks, you actually believe that your guests are going to buy everything on your list!

Ok. Back to business. I digress.

While in Macy's, my husband tells me he does not like the Martha Stewart design that I had picked out.  He likes Wedgwood's Vera Lace by Vera Wang.  After I picked my mouth up off of the floor, I handed him the scanner and let him go to town. 

I mean having Vera Wang as a dinner guest at my house...the boy must have some style after all! 
Each box is gorgeous...

 Even the inside of the box is chocolate brown my favorite color....

and what an international designer :)

Dinner Plate

 Salad Plate (which sold me)

 The Whole Set...

 Really gorgeous...and its called Vera Lace.  
When you look carefully, it actually looks like lace.

You even get an info card to make sure you understand the importance of your purchase...
or your Aunt Betty's purchase.

 and the back of each piece is stamped...Wang and Wedgwood.


Mrs. Justice

Check back on Sunday for my Apricot glazed Pork Chops Sunday Dinner and in September for my one year Anniversary Post with Tablescape Thursday featuring my Vera Lace china!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Your husband did an amazing job! I love it.

  2. I am LOVING LOVING LOVING these! These are the best ones I Have seen today!

  3. That is a STUNNING set! You are one lucky girl!!

  4. This china pattern is beautiful.

  5. Those salad plates! Get you every time! I also love that cup.