Thursday, September 30, 2010

THE Fabulous Beekman Boys and a Fabulous GIVEAWAY! WINNER!

Brought to you by

 Jeremy, you are the winner of two bars of 
Beekman Boys Soap!
I might also slice you a piece of cheese!

Who likes cheese?!  I guess I should ask who doesn't like cheese? Can I get an amen?

So, I became obsessed with this television show on Planet Green called The Fabulous Beekman Boys about two city slickers move out to (the absolutely picturesque) Beekman Mansion.  Thy have goats, a Llama, and a farmer named John.  Seriously, thank goodness for Farmer John.

I won't go into which Brother is my favorite because they have equally great qualities that are necessary to run the farm.  But, if you love Martha Stewart, you will appreciate Brent's great eye for design and idyllic country lifestyle.  In fact, this post is kind of more about Brent.  Brent and I are kindred spirits where as Josh totally fits my husband's personality.  It is fun to watch with the hubby, and he totally agrees I need to leave our house in Texas and move up to the Beekman Mansion and become Brent's assistant.  Only because Brent and I have such hardcore Type A personalities that we would understand each other.  :)

Anyway, on every episode they are eating their delicious cheese, and I was getting so hungry for cheese, that I couldn't take it anymore.  So, I went online and ordered it at their online store....while I was there I couldn't help myself, and ordered a ton of their goat's milk soap.  Look below for details on how to win a bar of this luxurious soap!

But, here is how my package arrived....thank you Brent!

Brent does great things with black packing tape.

Amazing logo.

 The bags of soap...different months and different smells from the seasons.

 60:40 Goat and Cow milks.

 The Cheese..come to mama! It is called Blaak because they use the old school way of preserving the cheese by covering it hardwood smoked ash.

 The soap...

 This was featured on the Martha Stewart show to go with the cheese.

My favorite is that this is a small operation and each soap has a card that tells you exactly who made it, packed it, and of course wrapped it (not surprised that it was Brent).

If you are a fan or a fan of great soap, I am giving away some bars.  Not sure which month yet, but they are all good!

Leave a comment below on which Beekman Boy is your favorite!
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  1. I'm gonna have to agree with you, Brent is my favorite! :)

  2. I have never seen this show! I am going to have to start watching! Y'all also need to start watching Sarah's House on HGTV, Jackie you will love it!

    Count me in! I love good soap!

  3. Ok so correct my friend they are not brothers. and I love there show and would love to try some soap of there

    lova ya,
    Jeremy Ratliff

  4. I love this show, mostly because you and your hubby got me hooked! I absolutely love Brent and the Halloween episode! Their show got me ready and geared up for fall!

    Your Sister,


  5. I am a fan of Brent..

    Thanks for the giveaway..

    Oh and I now follow ; )