Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday - My Trip to the Big Apple! - UPDATE!

After posting my wardrobe Wednesday, I was on and found this
SIMILAR OUTFIT! With a few adjustments, I will be rocking these Biel threads.

On Friday I will be traveling to New York City to visit my friend Gretchen and spend some time with a really fun group of girls including my friend Jenn.  We will be celebrating or perhaps ignoring the Mother's Day crowds and celebrating our own bond of friendship and all of the ties that bind us together regardless of the miles.  We always have a blast in New York as there are a ton of things to do.  We pretty much have a little schedule that we kind of fall into and it could not be more relaxing and rejuventaing.  A little partying, a little hanging out, but always on the run....on the go...and on foot.

Here is my Saturday wardrobe....a la Gap...circa 1995, but also currently in their stores. Also, I will add a scarf and pretend to alude the paparazzi...doesn't every walking around New York pretend to be fabulous!

Classic Gap Jacket

Knit Polo Shirt with a classic white tank underneath

 Old Navy Ultra Flare Khakis

Then some cute comforatble shoes, and I am off to big city to explore, play, and laugh with the Girls!
I will post pictures of my trip on Monday!

Have a great Weekend!
Mrs. Justice