Monday, February 15, 2010

The sum of all of Her parts

So, I started this blog with a shout out to Grandma Jean. That was such a hit, that I have now decided to highlight all of the women in my life culminating in a Mother's Day post in May.

Before you conitue reading, you gotta read about G-Jean first to appreciate where my fabulous Mother-in-law got all of her mad skills.

It was a thrill when my mother-in-law announced her retirement. However, we were unsure what she was going to do with all of that "free time" she had on her hands. This was laughable at the time because she was actaully more busy in her retirement than she was when she was working for Mount Wesley. We "youngins" have no idea how busy "real adults" are when they grow up.

Anyway, the Justice family sent out their secret Santa lists in early November. I looked at everyone's list very carefully. A coat, some Wii accessories, an automated hand soap dispenser, the usual suspects...until I stumbled upon JJ#1's list. Her list was so modern with a web link to her wish it is one of my fave stores for art supplies: Dick Blick. The third best name besides Jackie Justice and Janet Justice (JJ#2 and JJ#1).

So, I just loaded up my cart with her predetermined list of art supplies. It is kind of fun to look at all of the parts and then to look at the sum of all of the parts.

I should mention she has been painting for awhile now: murals, the glass in old windows, and now canvas. They all agree with her.

Here is the Sum of all of her talented parts:

The Barn.

Now this is where I throw in that she made 150 jars of Apple Butter from scratch for my wedding favors...

and she makes the most divine Buttermilk Pie...

and she grows her own fruit...

and she has fabulous red hair (that I hope my children are born with)...

and she has the patience of Job (luckily for me, her son was born with that!)



she can out fish every man in the family!

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